Producing architectural renderings began to be more and more important for us. It helped us to understand what was our real vocation. At a certain point, it turned into our core business. In 2010 we began working exclusively with archiviz.

Our History:

T.POT was created as an architecture and design studio. At that time, we are focused in developing projects, the architectural visualization was just a tool used to help us to show our own ideas and to sell our own projects.

Clients were impressed by our rendering and other companies started inviting us to join bigger teams formed by many professionals. We were responsible for the project’s presentations. We were also hired for architects to illustrate their ideas. Developers who needed to sell their buildings started to look for us. Archviz became a service we could provide.

What we do:

We are a creative studio that develops audio-visual solutions for real estate. Formed by professionals with architectural, design and photography background, we count on the individual artistic talents and technical abilities of each one of our artists to produce photorealistic astonishing images.

The studio was structured to be able to handle big projects, but also for the principals to keep an eye on everything that is being done. So we can maintain a quality standard for all projects no matter the size or complexity. From Curitiba - PR, Brazil we work for companies all over the world.

We pride ourselves on being an extremely flexible company. We are able to adapt to our clients’ needs and we don’t force them to a strict workflow system. Using this approach we have developed lifetime partnerships.

We  use  our  expertise  to  define  the  best  visual  for  each  project. We  don’t work using pre-made setups, giving the same look to every image. Each building is unique and all clients are special.

Our mission is to create images that tell the unspoken story behind each project.


Eduardo Rossi:

Principal & Executive Director

Eduardo earned his architecture degree in 2005. While receiving extensive training in Italy, he learned that each drawing must be more than technical information, it should be a piece of art. He created courses for one of the biggest CGI schools in Latin America while working as an archviz teacher for 5 years. Eduardo has also worked as an archviz consultant for many architecture firms. During this time, he developed the ability to lead architects in the archviz industry and to make the working process more efficient. Eduardo has always believed in the company’s ability to create unique masterpieces for each client.

Marco Aurélio Eberhardt Alves:

Principal & Creative Director

He graduated with an architecture degree in 2005. Marco went on to receive a postgraduate degree in architecture project development in 2007. He has worked for home builders, real estate developers and architecture firms. Early in his career, Marco learned the importance of having good images when presenting projects to clients. For the architect who needs to convince a client about an idea to the developer who needs to sell a building. He uses this experience to define the guidelines for the creative process. His efficient and effective approach provides well-defined targets for our team.